Jaeger & Reid



From Way up Here

by Jaeger & Reid

Released 2017
Released 2017
Debut album for this duo offering intelligent songs with luscious harmonies, rich acoustic accompaniment and engaging vocals presented in a contemporary folk style.
Judi Jaeger (JAY-gur) and Bob Reid are Jaeger & Reid, a contemporary Acoustic Folk/Americana duo from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the best discoveries are made by accident and that's what happened in the fusion of the musical talents of Judi and Bob. They unwittingly found that perfect harmony while standing next to each other at a music camp jam in the summer of 2015. Their musical spark quickly caught fire and they have been traveling the country to spread the warmth ever since.

"From Way Up Here" is a collection of original songs and lovingly refreshed tunes written by others. The title tune was created when Malvina Reynolds gave her lyric to Pete Seeger to set to music. Written 50 years ago, the song is still an apt reminder of our precarious condition as we struggle to find ways to live together on our planet.

Recorded by 5 time Grammy nominated producer Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios in Belmont, California, the album was recorded in DSD (Direct Stream Digital, a high resolution format), and to 2” analog tape.

It is difficult to write about music. It is something that is most often felt, rather than learned by reading about it. As Malvina once said, "... the love between the singer, who sings the song well, and truly, and the audience, which has been waiting for the song, and knows it when they hear it, is a true love”. "From Way Up Here" aspires to that love.

We are joined on this project by some talented, dear, musical friends. We want to thank them for the time and heart they put into our album.

Bob Burnett: mandolin and guitar
Jeff Crossley: acoustic bass
Ronny Crawford: drums and percussion
Michelle Kwon: cello
Janni Littlepage: piano
Michael Capella: dobro and Weissenborn

Judi thanks her family and friends for their loving and sustained support of her music and this project.

We are ever grateful to all of the friends, new and old, who have hosted our performances in their homes and shared our music with their friends and communities.