Jaeger & Reid


What is a House Concert?






A House Concert is just what it sounds like: a concert experience in a home. Kingston, New York audience chairs 

Hosting a house concert is an opportunity to create your own particular listening situation and to support the music you enjoy. 


Have a living room and 20-30 friends?


Invite us to perform in your home!  

Edwina at Fitzgeralds




Your audience gets an intimate experience, distraction free, the hosts get a musical experience in their home, and we get to play for an appreciative audience.

There is a suggested donation of $15-20 which goes to the performers. 



 Hosts may choose to include a potluck before the performance to give the guests the opportunity to get to know one another.



 "House concerts with Judi and Bob are magical! We hosted 2 concerts and our community of neighbors and friends that came had a warm and wonderful evening. Their music and voices will touch your soul and you'll find yourself singing along to some of their songs. Fabulous!"

Diann Lawson, Palo Alto,CA





Bob Reid and Judi Jaeger performing a house concert



For a myriad of reasons, we think that Jaeger & Reid were among the best. We hope they will find their way back to the Pacific NW and Olympia again in the not-too-distant future. - Mark & Jeanne



We loved it here in Kingston, NY. You will be glad you did." - Gregg Swanzey 



"We were lucky enough to host Judi and Bob recently in Chapel Hill and had over 75 people attend- everyone loved them and several of our guests are hoping they will come back again in the Fall so they too can host- lovely music and a wonderful concept!" - Monica Frei Jenkins -




"We had a GREAT time with Judi & Bob. Super entertaining and soulful music. Totally recommend you host them as well if you get the chance!"

- Kevin Surace, Sunnyvale,CA



"Our friends and guests at our recent house concert are still raving about your notable vocals, expert guitar, and warm way with the audience. Most of all, many really appreciate the songs you each created and sang so beautifully.  They're easy to access and like even when it's the first time people hear them." - Kimberly Jenkins, N.C.


"Warm, heartfelt, intimate, new and old originals mixed with familiar favorites...a concert featuring Judi and Bob is just what the heart and soul need!" - Kathy Fitzgerald, Portola Valley, CA


If you are interested in hosting, or simply want more information,

please get in touch at info@JaegerReidMusic.com.